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Relocating household goods between places separated by a long distance requires a different anomalies. Goods should be packed in such a manner that they can survive the thrust of the journey. You can be sure our personnel does all the packing work quite well. They get all the latest packing-material from the internet and the local market, and your goods are less likely to be damaged when they get to your new home. Shifting goods between distant locations means you are likely to need good trucks and lorries with reliable performance. they should not be amenable to a breakdown on the highway or anywhere else. the trucks and lorries we have with us are meant for heavy usage and are not likely to break down, you can be sure.


Relocating house at the local level is never a big task for our staff and personnel from Bhilwara. You have to think what goods to take first and which goods to transfer the last, so you can be at ease in your new house whenever you shift in, but our staff does all this for you. They pack your goods in such an order that the item that is likely to be used first of all is packed the last and the item that is likely to be used the last when you land in your new home is packed in the last.

 This is called FIFO (First In First Out) order.



Storing of goods is required while they are in transit. This can be of the utmost importance if your cargo consists of edible items that should be maintained at an optimum temperature while they are being transported and being shifted. For this purpose, warehouses should be maintained at an optimum temperature. Storage of items should be done in a place that is safe from being flooded with water and not likely to be attacked by vermin and rats. They can cause a considerable amount of damage to your goods while they are being stored and they are kept in a place.


Your vehicle is the most important item you have in your household. It is to be shifted in to your new home too, and it should be shifted at the same time as your other goods. It should be in your home before you shift in. this is how you can be sure of going to your office on your car or scooter the very day. You are most likely to need it to go to the market. Well, vehicles are transported using specially designed trucks and lorries. There are comprehensive vehicles that move your scooter or car over highways and between locations in the same city. This is how we make sure your automobile gets across without the slightest scratch or dent on the surface.


Insurance Services

Though we take care of your goods as much as we can, they are likely to be damaged while they are being shifted. They are likely to be damaged while being loaded on to truck and lorries. They are likely to be damaged while in transit, and they are likely to be damaged while they are being unloaded. We take all possible care to avoid any damage by packing all your items and goods with the best of care and precision, but accidental damage can always happen. No one can do anything about your goods being accidentally damaged, but we can always make sure you can claim some amount of insurance for your damaged goods. Your goods are insured for damaged while they are being shifted, and the insurance can be obtained with ease from online companies.


There are all kinds of offices in the cities like Bhilwara,Chittorgarh. Some are quite big ones, while others are not as big. Big offices are likely to have a lot of computer systems, while there are likely to be a lot of tables and chairs too. there are likely to be a lot of carpets too. they can be quite expensive ones, while those in small offices are not likely to have any kind of carpets. All these require some amount of care and attention when they are to be shifted. They should be packed in an efficient manner, such that they occupy the least amount of space. Our personnel take care to pack in all your office goods in the best manner possible.

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Product & Services

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